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branding and advertising

As more people use beep™ on a daily basis, promoting your business or brand on beep™ cards becomes even more ideal. Let us help you spread your brand’s message with customized beep™ cards that suit your advertising or branding needs.


inclusive services

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Avail any of our beep™ solutions today. And enjoy these additional services to make your operations or transactions run smoother, easier, and simpler.


AFPI produces daily reports for operators and merchants to keep track of their beep™ transactions

settlement guarantee

AFPI will settle all beep™ transactions on the business day after the transaction in the operator's designated bank account

software upgrades & enhancements

AFPI ensures that all systems provided are fit for purpose by giving timely updates and enhancing the system as needed

device maintenance

AFPI has an established Service Desk and Maintenance Crew that will ensure continuity of service for the solutions deployed